6 Facts you did not know about shemales!

Shemales are sexy, and if you can handle one shemale properly, chances are very high that you are a complete man. But as you are on a sissy bdsm blog, this is very clear that you can not call yourself a complete man. 

Being a sissy, you must be having a fascination towards shemales. I mean, shemales have everything you would ever ask for. A shemale is a goddess in all terms and a sexy body. 

Shemales by far are the most fascinating person while maintaining distance. People all over the world has find it a fascinating thing to have a human with both, breasts and penis. 

A shemale is just a pure bliss from the almighty to the citizens of this mother earth. A shemale, if you consider sexually, a shemale can provide you both the pleasures , if you know what I mean. Of course you know that a shemale could fuck you as well as can get fucked too!

A shemale has more than a female, more than a male and still the happiest person in the population. First and last thing that a shemale carries with her is the lust. One or more than shemale has been seen on the internet with many men. 

Here , I am sharing some of the lesser known facts about shemales in this post.

#1 Shemales doesnt feel that they are half…..

A shemale doesnt feel like they are only half-female or half of a person. They have a sense of respect for their own existence. 

A shemale is perfect in her existence and nothing could make them feel less of a woman. 

#4 You can not tell if someone is a shemale…..

If they are not obvious through their dressing, you can not differentiate if a person is a shemale or a regular female. 

Some of the shemales are so feminine that you can not even trust your eyes even if you are sucking the cock of that shemale. Such is the level of beauty and perfection of their feminine. 


What do you think?

Written by Sissy Master

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