A Sissy can join a girls gang

A Sissy can join a girls gang. Whats new in this? The new thing is, many sissies around the world has a problem of feeling alone and disconnected from their boys gang when they feel themselves as girls. 

Sissies are now a religion and many people are just moving into become girls and sissies. A guy or girl should be allowed to choose their gender. In fact I dont believe in gender discrimination, but I believe that genders should be celebrated. 

When a sissy becomes a girl, of course he has many of the pleasures a woman enjoys. Becoming a woman gives you the licence to get unlimited fucking and sucking of dicks. Who doesnt want that?

A Woman is the best creation of the god and she has been blessed with many pleasure points. A woman has many points of pleasure. She can suck cocks and gives eternal pleasures to her man, similarly the man can lick her pussy, ass and lips to give her the pleausre. 

The problem with the sissies is that they wont have a vagina or pussy but they will always have their boipussy for sure. The sissies can definitely have the pleasure to suck cocks, and that is a blessing. 

A sissy boy can join the girls gang and this is a blessing for the sissies. Sissies call themselves girls, and the girls are soft. Generally girls like to live in a group and the same is pretty hot to see from outside. 

How can a sissy pass as a girl to join the girls gang?

Its actually very easy . A sissy needs to be just natural at her feminine stuff. A sissy needs to be smooth, feminine, long hairs and she has to wear the sexy stuff. If the girls are allowing a sissy to join their gang, it is natural for them to have some sense of glamour. The sissy needs to fulfil this demand for the girls. The sissy in the group has to understand that she is not required to be slutty all the time when with girls, but she has to wear sexy stuff all the time. Steaming hot stuff should accompany the sissy all the time. 

The sissy has to speak like girls, walk like girls and everything she does should be like girls. Even when no one is watching, sissy should act like a girl. 

Act like a girl when you are alone?

When do you think a sissy is alone and she has to act like a girl? When the sissy is peeing. A sissy is biological male, and hence it is possible that she would want to stand while peeing. But I want to remind you that being a sissy makes it mandatory for you to sit while peeing. 

Its always advised to do what other girls are doing to fit in the girls group.

Be ready to get fucked like a girl:

It is highly possible that when you are with girls in the girl group, there will be times when you have to get fucked like a slut with other girls. Dont be afraid of that. Be open to get fucked like a slut. Do you understand bitch?

If you follow all the things i mentioned here, you can and will definitely become a part of the girls gang . Be girly , be happy sissy!

Note : Always practice safe sex. Never be afraid to say no, if you dont feel good. Dont trust everything you read on the internet. Not all is correct on the internet.

What do you think?

Sissies belong to panties?

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