A Sissy could earn millions overnight, if she wants!

When a sissy gets married, he or she might be having some troubles with her sexual identity , so its a long road to achieve what a sissy desires in the starting. It is quite possible that a sissy might need money to chase the dreams she has, and guess what a sissy could earn millions if she wants.

In fact, the sissies are the only people who could earn millions in a night without having to compromise their dignity. Dignity means doing something which you do not like, and it is applicable to people with dignity. Like a real female would have more self esteem than a sissy slut. And a sissy is free to earn money doing what she likes, getting fucked by a master.

The world is full of people who would literally pay millions of dollars for a good sissy and there are people who are doing it.

When a sissy is accepting her fate and on the way to submit herself to her master, its perfectly alright.

How can a sissy earn money overnight? By doing the thing a sissy does best. A sissy likes being owned by a master and the master will pay a lot of money to the sissy. Is it a wrong thing? No, not at all!  Its perfectly alright if a sissy gets money from masters for the services she is offering to him.

Now that I think about what the world think about sissies is, sissies are just a peice of flesh for many of the masters. For the other masters, a sissy is not even worth a flesh. At best , a sissy is just a couple of holes with ass and mouth.

A Sissy sells her body happily and I dont find it a bad thing to do. If a sissy is open about her sexuality, she is allowed to do whatever she finds good. In short, a sissy could earn millions overnight if she wants!

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