A sissy is taken by friends more often than ever!

Do you know what a common thing a sissy has to go through on a daily basis? Those who know her really well try to get a chance to get lucky with her.

I have a good relationship with my sissy followers and I want them to embrace their sissy side, but I also want to discuss the thing that commonly appears to me when I discuss things with my sissies.

Many sissies are emotionally broken and the same is shown in their dire need of becoming a sex object. Sissies want to be treated as a sexy object and there is a reason for that.

Almost all the sissies I have met have said me one thing, that the closest people to them have tried to take advantage of them. Many of them became attracted to masculine males during their college days. Soon after they started feeling themselves as sissies, one of their friend came to know and then the stuff started. Many sissies are fucked by their friends and I dont have any problem if they do it with their will, they have to take the cocks against their will.

Well, its ok, at the end of they a sissy wants to get used like a slut have many cocks around her  but that has to come from the slut itself and not from outside.

How it starts?

It starts as an innocent stuff like making the sissy touch a cock. Then the touching leads to kissing the dick and then sucking it like a slut the sissy is.

One thing leads to another and a sissy gets fucked by their own friends.



When you were put in a chastity cage , you bend over and show it to the world. 

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