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Accept it loudly… You open all your holes for heels!

Note: Always follow safe sex. Dont trust all you see on internet. Not everything you read or see on internet is true!

So, it happens to many of my sissies that they are not able to accept many of the things I say on this blog because of obvious reasons.

The facts I state on this blog are my common observations but the problem with most sissies is that they have no idea or the courage to accept the same in front of others.

Now, for example, I can give you an example that says that the sissies will open all their holes if someone promises them heels. Opening all their holes means, opening their ass, opening their mouth and also opening their hands to give the hand jobs.

Why sissies open their holes if  someone offers them presents and all? Because thats how they want to negotiate their gifts. As I have already told you, you have to be careful when you deal with sissies because sissies are innocent. Sissies want their ass fucked and they dont think beyond that. Sissies are in fact the most innocent creatures on the face of this earth. I mean, the god made penis and than god made vagina. The normal use would have been a man fucking a woman, but sissies revolutionized the whole concept of sex. The sissies literally presented their asses to their masters when it was needed for the sake of sex.

When I say sissies are the most innocent people in this world, I mean it. Now, when i say a sissy will open her holes in exchange of some gifts, its perfect truth, but most of the sissies can not accept this as a fact as they dont have the guts to face the public about their sexuality.

I want the sissies to accept their sexuality and may be its time for them to stop lying to themselves. Sissies need to believe in them and if they cant accept this in public, at least they should accept this in private that they will open all their holes if someone to gift them with heels and all!

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It’s time you stop lying to yourself!

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