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April Sissy Bonanza- Mega sissy post

So what do you think the April brings for you? Let me tell you, a lot of good things for you are waiting in April. 

We all live in a society where we already know that there is nothing like discrimination on the basis of caste , creed, color , religion or sex but is it not a fact that majority of the LGBT community is discriminated?

Well I have high hopes for the better treatment with our lgbt community specially, sissies and cross-dressers. I strongly believe that sissies are CD’s are meant to be treated like cheap whore in beds but in the day time and normal course of life they have a life and they should be treated as normal humans during those times. 

I also want to share one thing with my young followers, that while this is completely normal and fun to enjoy the sissy lifestyle and sissy sex, the purpose is fun and safety should be your priority all the time. 

I always ask my followers and sissy slaves to follow safe sex guidelines and have fun that lasts long and doesn’t pose any threat to your social life. 

I don’t want to ruin your fun, but I want you to know that not everything you read on internet is correct. I hope you understand what I want to convey. 

Well coming back to the April, this month we will have loads of fun and a little bit of competition too. 

This month my wife, @The Mistress will also join us and I am sure to make this community a healthy and better sissy community where everyone who belongs to the sissy and CD community can feel connected. 

Enjoy this month’s mega post for sissy pics and captions. 

#5 Tying a slut is a dream….

When a sissy is in room with her daddy, her body is completely under the control of her master. 

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