Awesome sissy captions

#6 This pink sissy is more than just a sissy

You want to replace her , right sissy?

#7 Be sincere sissy

How many times you have thought about becoming a girl sissy? Be frank!

#8 Do you know this sissy?

You don't have to born as a girl to be a girl.

#9 Never hide your girl side…..

Almost everybody knows that you have a girl side but you were always hiding it. So here is something which you could do. Don't hide your girl side and enjoy being the sexy girl you always were. So what if you are a sissy you are still a female from inside.

#10 Take your hormones on time bitch….

You are a sissy and you have to look cute! That's not a question, that's an order. You are supposed to look cute all the time! Take your hormones on time sissy bitch!

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