Awesome sissy captions

#11 Repeat after me….

One thing you need to have motivation for becoming sissy slut is to have some awesome sissy crossdressers captions. In this picture one mistress is giving you the mantra for life. Repeat after her that you are a pathetic sissy slut.

#12 Butt plugs are your trigger….

When a sissy is wearing a butt plug , she appears to be more lusty than normal days. 

The reason being when a sissy slut is wearing a butt plug, she will always have an idea deep down her subconscious mind that she is meant to be used like a slut. Hence, butt plug is a trigger.

#13 Do you still remember…

Do you still remember what it feels like to cum? Why won't you forget it by now?

#14 Try whatever you want …

Try to shag as much as you want but it's not gonna happen. The chastity cage here will make sure that you don't masturbate when it's not required..

#15 How beautiful these panties are….

How wonderful these panties look on her? Do you know that sissies open their ass for their masters shamelessly?

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