Being a sissy is not fun, its responsibility bitch!

So, this is what I was trying to tell you since long, people have been considering becoming sissy as something funny, but the fact is different . Being a sissy is not just fun, but a responsibility.

We live in a paradoxical world and many people have pointed out this to me over a period of time. The world doesnt understand what they really want and what the advocate about. For example, some people really want to become sissies and have no idea about what responsibilities comes with being sissy . Let me tell you the responsibilities that comes with being a sissy.

First of all you have to be sexy all the time. The world needs people who look good and when you become a sissy, its your responsibility to look good and sexy so that the world maintains interest in this life.

Next, you have to be open for sex. The females are already fulfilling the majority of sexual demands throughout the world and now they want some rest. During their resting phase, you are requested to fulfil the demand for sex as the sex requirements of the men should not wait for sluts like you.

Next, you have to be the one that stops the population of the world. You get fucked, you do sex and you take the seed of real men in your ass but a sissy cant get pregnant and this is the whole concept of promoting the sissy lifestyle worldwide.

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