Best work till date ….

So this is a sissy who wanted to become a real girl while being married to a girl. My wifey helped him become a her and she is now a girl. 

So the story goes like this . His name is Scott, who hails from Scandinavian nation. He was married to a real hottie but right from his childhood, he had issues with his sexual identity. Sometimes he thought he is a trans, sometimes he thought he was a girl from inside but most of the times he thought he was a male. 

He got married and some days after the marriage, the issues started. Scott was not happy with his wife considering him as a hard-core male and he was unable to satisfy her sexually. Also, during the sex with wife he liked getting played with his boipussy. 

One thing led to another and now both of them are divorced. 

So this Scott is now living as a female and she is nailing it . Her new identity is Scada and she is having a pretty active sexual life now. 

The best part, my wifey, the dominant mistress for sissies did this magic and she has a promising future ahead. 

Do let me know if anyone of you want to be feminized like Scada.  We would be more than happy to do so. 


What do you think?

Written by Sissy Master

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