Biggest rule set for sissies of the world

A big shout-out to all the sexy sissies all over the world. The sissy community is an ever increasing society and we have like billions of them living in our society. Sissies are everywhere, they are in your building, they are in your office, they are in your friend circle and where not. You will find sissies and crossdressers everywhere and thats all right. We support if you are a sissy and we insist that you become the best of the best sissy of all times. 

Everyone who follows rules and is disciplined will succeed in his or her life. To be a great CC you need to follow some rules and in this post we will be giving you the rules so that you become a fantastic crossdresser. crossdresser who is loved by everybody. crossdresser who is very famous among alpha males

#1 Sissy rule number 1 and the biggest one

A sissy is required to dress always for the sex like the biggest sissy slut you are!

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#2 A sissy slut is a born beta

Biggest rule for a sissy is to be like the beta always. As a sissy you are born as a beta with the sole purpose to serve alphas!

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#3 Real sissy submit themselves to a real man

A sissy is not a real man and one of the biggest rule to be followed by a sissy is that a sissy has to submit to a real man. A real man knows how to use a sissy ass !

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#4 The girl in you speaks to you sissy….

Your sexy sissy ass needs to be recognized and you have to shake that booty to attract some alphas towards you. One thing that today you have to do is to wear that slutty panties to your office under your male clothes today!

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#5 Ultimate rule for sissy lifestyle

You are at a party and your wife suddenly ask something weird what options do you have  bitch? Like seriously what options do you have sissy? Nothing either you accept what your wife says or everyone knows that you are in chastity cage.

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What do you think?

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