Building a sissy from scratch : The tough road ahead!

It is never an easy thing to make a sissy believe the realities of this life. Its normal if someone wants to spend their rest of the life with their opposite gender partner but how far do you think its normal to spend your life as a sissy for your master?

For this thing to see the day light, you need to build a sissy from scratch. A sissy doesnt become a sissy overnight, it takes more than that for sure. First of all you need to have someone to make it a habit for you to believe that you are and you can become a good sissy. Sadly, thats not all the time the case. It takes real time consuming but once you find the real person to help you becoming a sissy, its really a good thing. 

Now, how do you build a sissy from scratch? 

It takes a lot lately. I am not making it up, you really need the dedication and stuff and above all, you need to have enthusiasm to become a sissy or if you are the one making others sissy, you should be able to fill your partner with the enthusiasm for becoming a sissy.

The road is tough and the future lies in the hands of people who believe in them. Becoming a sissy is not just a hobby, after a point of time, it overpowers your life with all the dreams what you have for your future. 

Lets join this journey of you getting the best stuff of your life for being a sissy and sexy at the same time. 

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