Compilation of Sissy Tasks, Biggest collection of task for sissy

Sissies are cute and they want to be dominated. They like it when someone insults them and wants them to do something which is not in the best of their comfort zone.  Sissies like when you want them to do something they are afraid to do. Something that has nothing to do with their male lives, something that makes them feel owned and pathetic. 

Sissies are emotional and when you touch the emotional thing , you have a broken sissy. A sissy which is ready to do anything you ask them to do. Sissies are like flowers that are innocent and shining and at the same time, they want to be humiliated. 

#1 Freeze your cum and….

For this sissy task, you have to freeze your cum and suck it like an ice-cream cone. You have to capture all the things on a camera and send it to your master for proof.

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#3 Next time when you go on vacations…..

There is one thing I want you to do sissy, pack all your girl clothes only when you are going on the vacation. 

you cannot wear the sexy lingerie you purchased online because you are scared of getting caught but when you are in a place where nobody recognises you you can be whatever you want slut. Wear your sexy lingerie in a hotel on your next vacation! So for this task only pack girl clothes you have.

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#4 Can you edge all day ….

One of the best way to humiliate your sissy slut is to let him edge all over the place. Edging means not allowing her to ejaculate. This simply means that the slut you have in your sissy hood, will have to edge all day. That in turn means she will be highly horny and you can let anyone have her, anywhere!

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#5 Wear your high heels during…….

What could be the most thrilling feeling when you are crossdressed? Being caught, and when you are in office, what are your chances of getting caught? So, here is a new task for you during your office hours. Wear your high heels, under your office desk during office hours. 

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How dedicated Slave you are!

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