Forced chastity cage makes the sissy obedient

Note: Always practice Safe sex. People lie on the internet all the time. Be safe , and pay attention to your own safety first. Sex is cool, but not the diseases and all concerned with random or unprotected sex!

Locked in a chastity cage, the men will behave better than ever. The sissies and crossdressers have one thing in common, they are horny and want to be locked in a chastity cage. But the chastity cage has a trick to be followed.

A sissy or cd slut could be locked in a chastity cage but they need to follow the guidelines for the chastity cage. The key plays an important role in maintaining the chastity intact and pious.

Chastity cage is a contract that the sissy will not be touching her dicklet unnecessary and she is not allowed to play with herself. So, is it really possible in a simple chastity term? No!

In order to have a fully functional chastity cage , that fulfills its purpose, the chastity has to be forced. Don’t just jump to conclusions as of now, let me finish first.

The chastity cage has a purpose. The purpose that I already told. The purpose is to be fulfilled at any cost.

Now, if a sissy is horny and is locked in chastity, it is very much possible that she will open the cage and relax herself. But if the chastity is forced and the key is not with the sissy herself, what will happen? She wont be able to relax herself. That means, she will have the pleasure to feel the urges being felt by a girl.

So , i have come to a conclusion , that if the chastity cage is to be utilized fully and properly, it has to be forced. Sure, the sissy could demand to be locked in a chastity cage, but the chastity has to be forced.

Forcing a chastity cage on your sissy doesnt mean you have to be cruel to her. It simply means, you have to decide the terms where she will be unlocked to get relieved and allowed to cum.

If i tell you the same thing in some other words, it simply means, the chastity cage is not something that you open every now and then. It should be done only under certain conditions and the conditions should be like genuine reasons. Not like, I am excited and horny hence I should be cumming and all. It has to be done sensibly because chastity is a pious device in a BDSM Relationship.

Happy Chastity Life , my Sissies!

Play safe!

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