How I fucked a sissy engineer in ATM vestibule

Hello all, how are you? I hope all of you are good.

So here is something that happened recently and I wanted to share the story with you guys.

So as you know the life gives us hopes and all sort of things needed to survive the life and I have been doing it pretty fine. God had given me more chances than I asked for.

One fine day I was at an atm vestibule and the power went off. So I came out of the vestibule and lit up a cigarette. It was natural for a man like me yo light cigarette because you know we need it.

Hardly 5 or 6 minutes passed by and one young guy came to the same vestibule and he had a bag with him . He appeared clean and was kind of smooth. I had no plans in mind but he asked me that whether I was inside the vestibule or not? I asked him why he asking this and what he had to do with me being inside or not?

He took out his id card and told me he was from the atm management services. He needed to check the system and as per the corporate guidelines, he was required to be assisted by a witness so that it could be ascertained that there was no monkey business.

He asked me whether I could help him, to which I said yes.

Now we both were in atm vestibule and the shutter had to be put down to take out the bills and tally them. The engineer was named Han and he was in his early 20s.

So the process started and he wanted me to be there for about another 1 hour. I had my phone on and started searching for stuff to do nearby.

One strange thing that happened was his phone was having some messages constantly and the message ring I remember. It resembles the Planet Romeo app.  Planet Romeo is a gay dating and meetup app that is not mostly used in invited States. The app is mainly used in Germany and india. I know this because when I was in Germany, I used that app. Is this guy a gay? And if yes, looking at him it is hard to imagine him as a top. He must be bottom. Anyhow , he didn’t check his phone in front of me and kept working on his schedule.

Time went by and at one point of time he bent over to take out the bills casette from machine after opening the cash vault. Just when he bent , I could see he was wearing ladies panties. I checked again that whether I was being horny or he really was wearing panties. Yes he was wearing panties and I think he flaunted it by mistake. I got a little excited because I was kind of on a dry spell for time being.

So I took out my phone and installed the Planet Romeo app. I remembered the password and tried the location option on radar. I searched sissies and cross-dressers near me and yes, there was one about 100 meters from me. I sent him and invite and the phone beeped. He didn’t pay attention and continued working. I sent a message again and he again ignored it.

So I waited and clicked his pic flaunting his panties without his knowledge. This time I sent the pic in the message box and he ignored this time too.

I asked him why he doesn’t check his message? He said not important. I said check it might be important. He accepted my request and then he picked up his phone to see the message. He saw the message and his face became pretty stunned. He looked at me in awe and asked me did I send him any message? To which I smiled. He asked me what I wanted.

I asked him what he was wearing and why?  He looked at the floor and said this was a task he recieved on internet site and he was a sissy . He likes being girl and that’s why he was wearing ladies panties.

That sounded interesting and I asked him how long he was doing this and what he was searching on the planet Romeo? He replied that he wants to have real action with someone and that’s why he was searching someone on the planet Romeo.

He asked me whether I was a gay? To which I replied I am a master for sissies like him . As I told him this , I put my hands on his shoulder and pushed him to go on his knees . He immediately removed my hands and rushed to the server cabin and plugged something out. I was shocked and a bit scared about what he was going to do, but he signalled me about the cctv cameras in the vestibule and he told me he has switched them off. Then he came near me and touched me seducingly.

He touched my chest and rubbed his hands on my stomach. Then he took out my tie and belt.

All this time he was making slutty faces and I asked him what he had in mind?  He went down on me and then unbuttoned my jeans. I was wearing boxers and he dropped my pants down. Now he took out my dick and said, it’s not as big as I made it sound. I said, love it you will know what it is capable of.

He took my dick out and saw me in the eyes. Than he kissed it gently and started licking it. He was doing it good.

He was licking and sucking my dick like a girl. He was still dressed and I asked him that does he crossdress all the time? He stood up and removed his shirt. Oh my god. He was literally smooth and wore a tiny bra. The bra was so sexy I can not even describe you with words. He had small hairs but he asked me to treat her like a woman. I asked her sissy name he said Hannah.

Then I touched him all over and we kissed a little. He was very attractive and wanted to have fun with me right there in the vestibule only. I was fearing what if someone comes but then I realised I am not the one getting fucked. If he has no issue ,I can manage.

Then I asked her to show what she got underneath. She stood up and removed her trousers. She was smooth down there too. She wore a black panties and it waz well fitted.

I asked her to turn around naked and show me all her assets. She did it and exposer everything to me in that vestibule itself.

Now she asked me that whether I had condoms? I replied yes but right there in vestibule? She said yes. A quicky would do the work .

I gave her the condom and she put it on my dick. She bent over and I understood she want me to slide the panties and take her. It was a bit difficult to do in that position and place but it was getting erotic and fun.

I slid her panties, spit on my palms and rubbed it on her ass and some on condom .

I entered her ass easily and it seemed she was pretty experienced In taking cocks. Also the cock was not so huge that she will have any problems but it went easily. I fucked her for a good amount of time and I have no idea how long it was.  She also supported me with all her sexy ass moments and seducing sounds.

I came in the condom and then she kissed me a lot. She didn’t cum and told me she will do this at home.

We got dressed up , exchanged the numbers and didn’t talk till she finished her work with atm.

We have not met after that incident but I do hope to see her soon. She lives in the town itself. About half an hour drive. Boy, that was a good day !

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