How it is to become a slave in Mistress's Slave Stable!

Do you know that many mistress’s around the world maintain a real thing called “Slave Stable”. This is a real stable where the sissies are there in place of horses. They are kept as animals , all naked and always horny. 

How do mistress keep their sissy slaves horny? Its not hard. They are all in chastity and shows porn with woman as dominants.  When a sissy sees the porn with woman dominant , they become naturally horny. Now keeping them in chastity cages makes this even better for them. So, coming back to the stuff and details about the Mistress’s stable where sissies are kept as horses, but naked and in chastity cages. 

#1 Other mistresses would visit often…

When you are at the Slave Stable, you would be exposed to continuous humiliation and insult from your mistresses. You would be visited by many mistresses often. 

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#2 Mistress will take rounds in the Slave Stable…

When you are living your life as a sissy slave in the Slave Stable, you would be visited by your mistress more often than ever. 

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#3 When the mistress is feeling….

When your mistress is feeling naughty, sometimes, the mistress will release others slaves in the stable and then they will be asked to nut in your mouth. This doesnt happen all the time, but it happens a lot with new comers. 

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#4 You will be often teased with these dresses…

The best thing at your mistress's Slave Stable is that there will be other girls slaves too, but they wont be with you naked in the stable but they will often tease the slaves so that the goddess can have fun with her slaves. 

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