I like to humiliate sissies!

Imma keep it real with you, I like to humiliate sissies. The combination of feminine body and a slutty mind, is something i can not ignore ever. 

There is something in the slutty sissy bodies that ignite some emotions in my body and I get attracted towards sexy feminine sissies.

You will never understand but there are millions of people out their who likes sissies and there is nothing you could do about it. Sissies will gift themselves to us , and we will unwrap these sissies with our dicks and our erotic ideas.

When dominant people like me are growing up, we have a bucket list to do and in that list we have one thing, We deflower sissies with our dom dicks. But not all the sissies qualify for this deflowering. There are some rules which you have to clear before a sissy could ride a dominant dick and one of them is being feminine. 

If a sissy is not feminine, she is not sissy. She is just gay and stop calling yourself sissy. 

A sissy should pay attention to all the details of a female like the way they walk, the way the stand, the way they pee , they way they suck dicks and all. If you are not paying attention to these tiny details, its better not to come crawling to me to take your sissy ass. 

Enjoy this blog post.

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