It was your destiny, sissy!

I am sure you must be having so many questions regarding your life style and most of them would be about the sissy life you are living. Well, I can relate to every single thing you imagine in your mind , because I know the sissy psychology a lot.

You are proud of your sissy identity, but sometimes out of blues you have confusion about why you are a sissy? Though you enjoy being sissy, many times you just end up thinking about your sissy stories in your mind and about the same time, you feel sometimes sad for being a sissy.

The sissy life has given you pleasure, the cocks, the friends and an identity, but it takes courage to be a sissy in the present times. You know what I am talking about.

Its, ok sissy. It was all your destiny. It was kind of all ok if you are a sissy and its not your fault. In fact its your luck that you are a sissy. Think about all the cocks and dicks you get to take in your ass . All the hot fun you get to do with your sissy body. Was it possible if you were a regular male? Not at all! So just sit back and relax. Enjoy being a sissy all the time.

Do let me know if you want to work with me at master[at]sissymasters[dot]com

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