It’s fun when people watch you!

What is the fun when you become a girl and nobody sees you? It’s a fact that girls want to look pretty because they want someone to praise their beauty. Same happens when a sissy becomes girlish.

When you come out of your house dressed as a sissy slut and nobody sees you, it’s like being in a closet.

Whatever, when you  come back to your senses after being a sissy for long.  A sissy dresses up and goes out with fun and sexy feelings all day. But what makes it bad is that nobody sees her.

The present time is full of people who wants to have fun. Now a days it is a common sight tha people will walk outside with their sissy dressings and all people stare them.

Imagine a world where people do not stare a sissy for being sissy and sexy and noone stares you? Will that be good? No!

#1 Sissies waiting for daddy…

Sasha de Sade and Natalie mars waiting for daddy. Don't you want to be at their place sissy?

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#3 A chained sissy is a ….

A chained sissy is a loyal sissy and there is no need for you to think otherwise 

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#4 Every sissy ass needs a dick….

The question is not correct. Which sissy ass doesn't want a dick? Every sissy ass does. Every single sissy ass needs a dick all the time. 

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#5 You are a slave now sissy…..

The basic doctrine of being a sissy is simple. You have to learn humility. You can't just roam around with attitude of a man and be a sissy. Learn to accept and like a slave sissy 

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