It’s officially over for you Sissy!

Note: Always practice Safe Sex. People lie all the time, I want you to be sensible about your life. 

When you started the innocent fantasy of dressing in womens dress, you had no idea that how far you are going to take this away but you have indeed taken this a long.

Well, you have actually taken it to the next level and when the first man entered in your ass with his big dick, the last atom of masculinity left your body and you cant make it back to being a man now.

When you first met the man in your life who will be taking your sissy cherry, you were unsure about this whole becoming a sissy thing. I mean you wanted to become a sissy, but still you had some confusions.

Out of all these confusions, the way your man treated you was really difficult. He treated you like a slut, even when it was your first day as a sissy and he was your first man, but damn boy did he care for that? No, He treated you like a real woman from the first moment. He actually fucked  you like a slut and you dont have regrets for the same.

Now, coming back to your present situation, when the first man was done with you with all his masculinity and man power, you were left in a pool of cum on your bum, as you were fucked but with a condom. You were bent on a table and dressed up like a doll and when he left, he slapped your butt cheek. The soft smooth butt cheek with no hairs, because you were looking with high hopes for this date.

Now, What do you think about yourself? You are not a man anymore, and you are just a stuff for them. You slowly started liking what he did to you and now you are open for all of them as a slutty bitch.

Its officially over for you sissy son!


Never forget to practice safe sex!


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