Its time, you reply all your bullies now!

How much time have you been bullied by your school mates? At offices and all? Well, this is your time, you have to get it back to the bullies. 

Bullies are nothing but some people who think that they are better than you. But they are not, they never were, they never will be. 

Back in the school they tried to bully you because you had some issues facing them , but now the times have changed. 

Now, with the times have passed and you have accepted yourself as a sissy, its pretty easy for you to face your bully now. I mean its practically impossible for your bully to see you in the eyes. How can they see you in the eyes when they are coming to you to settle their sexual desires. 

You are now a sexy sissy doll and it will always be your victory if you let your bully take you in the ass. You are not a loser, how could you be a loser? Its your bully who is coming to you for favors. 

This is your time sissy, just make the best of this time and make your bully fall down on his knees for your beautiful wonderful sexy ass. He will fuck you like a slut, but once he is done, he will not be able to look you into the eye. You know why? Because , nothing changes in the ass, but the dick of your bully will be bent as a loser.

Finally, you are a winner, and your bully is a loser! Just make it happen. Invite your bullies to take your sissy ass like anything and make it happen!

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