It’s time you stop lying to yourself!

Note : Always practice safe sex. Dont trust everything you see or read on internet. Majority of them are fiction!

Why do you think people lie? When they think of presenting a different image for their personality to someone, they lie.

So this means, if you are a sissy and you are not willing to accept it as a fact, may be you are lying to others. Thats not good.

That can not be good. Lying is never a good thing. You have to accept that you like being a sissy and you are not a real man. If you dont accept this soon enough, you will probably spoil a woman’s life by marrying her. That is definitely not a good thing to do sissy.

Now coming back to the reasons why you should be honest with everyone about your sexuality. If you cant be honest with everyone about your sexuality, just be honest with yourself about your own sexuality. Just stop lying to yourself about you being a straight guy or you can handle a woman. The fact is, you cant. You cant handle a woman and there is no pressure about that.

Just accept yourself for what you are and that shall solve most of your problems. Stop moving here and there considering yourself as a straight man. You are a sissy, you are a sexy sissy who wants to become a slave for a real man . Dont you sissy?






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