January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#91 You still wear jeans….

What has changed since you became a sissy? Nothing much. You still wear the jeans , but the jeans is way more cute nowadays.

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#92 You don't just want to be a girl…..

You have always wanted to be a girl... Wait, you don't just want to be a girl. You want to be a slut . 

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#93 When she visits you in the bathroom…..

Some how you managed to have this hottie in your bed and when you are shaving your pubes down there in the bathroom, she visits you to show what she got down there. 

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#94 The woman inside of me …..

You need to understand the fact that the inner girl is coming out and you can not do anything in this regard.

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#95 You are such a sissy….

You are such a pathetic sissy and a loser that you want to suck her boyfriends dick in her outfit. Though the outfit is cute. 

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