January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#116 Some sissies are happy ….

When you take a sissy home after a party, some of them are shy, while some of them are pretty happy that they are going to be fucked soon.

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#117 He promised you a job….

So you are a sissy and you try to make people believe about the same with your outfit. You also had a club of spades tattoo on your left ass cheek which makes you available to BBC's. So, this guy you met in McDonald's and he promised you a jo. You ended up becoming his personal slave. I mean a sexual sissy slave. 

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#118 You had to send this pic…

You were attending a party with your friends and the master called you to check on you. You were absent without information and as per the conditions you had to dress up the next moment and at next place available and you have to send one pic to the master. You can see your bags in the back 

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#119 When you are a cute bunny….

How often do you feel cute?

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#120 There is no escape….

Just be aware of the reality... There is no escape and there is no running away from becoming a sissy slave to a beautiful woman.

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