January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#121 You know why she picked the smallest…..

Do you know why she picked the smalles cock cage? There is always a reason behind everything.

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#122 The future is female..

This goes without saying but let me remind you , that the future is females. 

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#123 You look like , you might….

It appears that you might want to suck a dick. Come on , tell me the truth sissy? Don't you dream of sucking cocks at night? Of course you do.

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#124 You have to be grateful….

You have to be grateful to all the maid or honors who made you into a real woman . You were not a woman ,but they made you. It's a bit thing!

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#125 Embrace feminization….

When you lose the presidential elections, you have one thing to do. Embrace the feminization and make the best of your life. 

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