January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#136 Cute skirt selfies for your master…..

You send these cute skirt selfies to your master. How cute your master is?

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#137 You should leave your wife….

What is the use of being a failed husband? Leave your wife and edge all day for beautiful and hot girls like this all day. 

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#138 How smooth she became….

There was a time when she was not this much smooth. Then came her master and scolded her not being smooth in front of his friends . This was the day she decided t become the world's smoothest sissy. And she did it. 

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#139 They are cock sucking….

Do you know what is a cock sucking trio? Soon you will know. 

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#140 Small dick loser….

Do you call that tiny thing as average? You are a tiny dick loser. Accept it sissy. 

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