January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#196 Innocent people are the sexiest ones…

How clear this is an a concept that an innocent sissy is always a sexy sissy. 

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#197 When you take her to the resort and ….

When you take two three days off from work and take your sissy colleague for a sexy vacation and she packs only girly clothes. Se is so pretty and happy to be with you. 

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#198 Click the picture master….

When you are dominant but she is so submissive that she still wants you to click her cross-dresser pictures. 

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#199 When he left you after fucking whole night……

Your master came to your place for a night and you were all dressed as the slut you are. He fucked you n number of times that night and in the morning he left you. He just wanted to use you , but you are still sending him the sexy pics . Lol, you are a pathetic sissy slut.

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#200 Last selfie before you fucked her….

She is a slut who loves to crossdress and click selfies. This selfie was just clicked before a real man fucked her on the roof. See the wall behind her. 

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