January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#201 When you visit your professor….

You have a professor who has a crush on you. You dressed up one night and went to his office. You gave your boy pussy to your professor.

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#202 Just imagine….

Just imagine how cool it would be, if you can be like her?

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#203 Inspire yourself to become….

During the course of your journey of becoming a sissy, you will come across many things and one of them will be inspiring yourself to become feminine. You need to motivate yourself daily for that. 

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#204 Some one has a crush on her feet….

Yes she is a girl and it not impossible for a sissy like you to get avoided for anything related to your manly sexuality. You are a sissy, you are meant to suck cocks. Not to have a look at pussy.

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#205 Put it on and meet me….

Apart from many high profile gifts, your mistress has given you one more gift. A red lingerie you were asking for. You are supposed to put it on and meet her in the bedroom in 10 minutes. 

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