January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#206 Big mistake when you give. . .

How do I put this sophisticatedly, when you have given her your chastity cage keys, you have committed a blunder. She is a professional keyholder. Mind it?

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#207 You are too good to be a girl….

When she is giving you sessions and ask you to become a girl behind closed doors and you are too good to act like a girl. This can't be your first time. 

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#208 That loser won't stop staring at ….

The loser they are talking about is you. As you are interested in worshipping a goddess, what part is worth worshipping? The divine feet of goddess. 

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#209 When a high corporate client is your sissy…..

So the yellow sissy you are looking in this picture is actually a very rich corporate guy ,but when it comes to goddess, its always a slave. Be it corporate or service guy. 

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#210 Your balls waggle when you….

When you are crawling for your goddess, she loves it when your balls waggle. Your penis is limp and balls hang high. You know who you are , right?

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