January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#211 That blue lingerie….

What can I say about this blue lingerie. If you are girly enough, you can differentiate between blue and not blue. You know what I mean.

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#212 When the buttplug is too cute….

When you ordered that buttplug of the Amazon, you had no idea that the buttplug will be so cute. 

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#213 When she poses with confidence….

Do you like confidence? Of course we like the confidence. 

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#214 Take your sissy to the lingerie store…..

Take your sissy to the lingerie store and then let her try some lingries.Tie her up in the dressing room and keep the door a little open. Let everyone see what sort of a slave you are. 

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#215 The wedding dress is for the groom….

A groom wears a wedding dress. You understand where I am going with this?

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