January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#216 Only locked boys can come…

All across the globe, girls are taking charge for making boys go into chastity. There are some places where only locked boys are allowed. 

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#217 Edge for both of them….

Ass is the most important part of a female body and when the female is dominant, you have to edge for her ass. Its a rule by law for a sissy. 

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#218 She loves it when you are locked….

She is in love with you being in locks. She Loves people who are in chastity. 

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#219 Stockings are the best on your ass…..

When you are a sissy and you need to make your masters happy, you have to wear stockings . Ass looks better in a stocking and it makes you even more sexier than ever . 

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#220 She always knew….

She is the best person who knows what you wanted. You have always wanted to be a girl.

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