January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#231 You will be caged, she will break you….

Eventually you will become her bitch. Yes , it is destined sissy. 

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#232 Work bitch…..

One of the difference between a master and a mistress is that the master will take you in the ass and fuck you while the mistress will make you do house work too. 

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#233 The reason for you is clear….

When we talk about white vs black, we forget that there is no possibility of you guys becoming equal to a black man ever. Just have a look at what the white guys are doing with their manhood.

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#234 When whole world is busy…

When the whole world is busy in Biden victory and you are doing your work as a sissy maid at a rich American

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#235 Tie me up mr president…

The USA got a new president and your master likes when you call him the president of your ass and sissy body. 

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