January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#236 Awww you thought that today is the day….

What do you mean sissy , you won't be unlocked even if you are going for the Covid-19 Vaccine shot. You have to understand you are a sissu and locked forever. 

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#237 No honey, being white house is no excuse…

When you are storming Capitol and you are in chastity. 

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#238 You listen it properly silly….

If you really want to buy something for your sissy life, you are not doing it online now. You need to go to the store and buy the panties on your own after trying them out. 

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#239 We all know that….

We all know what you will be wearing this weekend dear. Your chastity missing you a lot. 

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#240 Obedience is not optional…

If you are thinking that your obedience for men is optional, think again sissy. You can't have an option. Your make partners will make the decision for you and you can't do anything now. Be obedient

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