January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#241 That lingerie fits you….

What does it mean when a cloth made for woman fits you very well? Your body is like girls. You have to wear the dress.sissy!

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#242 And the blue is a fantastic color…..

Don't say you don't like blue color. It matches your eyes too!

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#243 Hit like if you would for shoes…

If a man promises you to fuck for shoes, what would be your reaction? You would fuck him right?

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#244 When your boss is a sissy…

So this world has a fucking problem with woman being in lead. Who was the sissy here? Her boss, who was not a real man, her boss and who had to resign? This girl. 

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#245 What are you looking at?

I mean I know what you are looking at , but I still want to hear it from you. Aren't you looking at her smooth ass?

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