January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#246 Innocent proposal selfies…

Do you remember the time when you are sealing a deal with a rich guy who wants to fuck you and asks for a photo? You self this as your proposal stuff. 

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#247 You feel excited…

When you ask the girls in saloon to make you as feminine as possible, you don't really want to have a clear excitement in your crotch but this isa fact that you can't get more excited than this time.

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#248 When you have to motivate you daddy….

When you have to take the things in hand to make it up to your daddy.

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#249 Just the tip…

Do you remember how many times a woman have been cheated by her male companions with this line? They promise to only put the tip and end up shoving whole dick inside the ass. Feel that pain now sissy. Take it for your gender. 

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#250 It was a special request….

When he called you to book you for a night he requested that you come in a cheetah print dress slutty as hell. It was fun.

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