January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#291 Do you like your pov sissy?

When you are in a festive mood and people come around you to ask you whether you like sucking a shemale dick, what would be your answer?

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#292 It's sometime tomorrow….

Your master is coming tomorrow in the city and you have to meet her. You are requested to send one naked selfie to him. This is what you send. 

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#293 What's going on?

You are moving out of the city and that is the last night in your city. Help your master relieve the stress. Can you do it?

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#294 You are right, I am a sissy.

The other day you were lecturing yourself about being a man. I told you that you are not a real man. Am I right sir?

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#295 Help yourself with this penis…..

 You are not going to believe it , but not all the sissies like to get fucked. Many of them have a big dick and they know that they can use it. 

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Is this a penis or pussy?

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