January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#296 When it's daughters day …

When daddy takes you out on th daughter day and that's what you end up looking like. 

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#297 The outing day is there….

Long waited day when you dressed completely as a sissy is here you look fantastic as a slut. Don't you look cool?

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#298 This is how you show ….

When the doors are closed, thats how you show yourself to your master. Dressed as a slut and sexy as hell. Your ass looks stunning. 

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#299 Doing daily chores for your master…

When you started submitting to your master it was all about serving him for a small amount of time per week. Then he offered you to become a slave 24x7. Now you do his daily chores. You are making progress sissy.

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#300 When you become a dog for her….

When you were serving your master in her room, it was your mistress who saw both of you together. She was angry. Though she likes you as a slave, discipline should be maintained. You become dog for her as punishment

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