January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#316 Showing your dicklet in chastity…

One of the little pleasures in a sissy life is how they show their chastity cage and the little small dick they have. The tiny dick really makes it look good in a transparent chastity cage. 

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#317 Feel your brains getting smaller…..

Just as your chastity cage is getting smaller and smaller, you imagine that your brain is also getting smaller.

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#318 When she forces you to suck…

When the mistress is serving her bulls cock and both of them asks you to join them and suck the dick. Do you like this sissy?

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#319 Show them what you got…

When all of the old Sissies United for drinks, they made fun of you for not being the best sissy. Now as you are experienced and have a lot of stuff in your life, show them what you got. Show them your nylons and panties. 

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#320 Eye contact is the key…

As discipline is the key to success, I would like to remind you once again that the key to a  successful blow job is the eye contact you maintain with your man. Work on it sissy.

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