January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#351 When you wear her dress for her bull….

This is a story between you and your wife's bull. Both of you know you are a sissy and hence you are seen in your wife's favorite pink dress. Of course wife is not here. 

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#352 You have no idea….

This sissy was asking for a new lingerie set from her master. The day she got it was one of the luckiest day for her as a slut. 

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#353 You likes it when she calls you a she….

May be you will deny this like everything else but deep down you like it when she calls you a she. 

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#354 She loves watching you….

When you are trying to put up that plug up your ass and try to stand still, she loves to see you struggling like a slut 

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#355 He is pretty rich…

She is Aletta, from suburbs California. She is pretty rich and famous for the outside world, but when she is home alone she is a sissy slut for bulls. 

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