January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#356 Becoming someone's wife….

Becoming someone's wife is one of the long lasting dream for almost all the sissies. 

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#357 How cool this sissy life is…

Can you believe that a secretary who manages your day to day chores come to know about your secret of being a cross-dresser and than she blackmails you with your sissy life? 

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#358 You will never be a man…

When you are a sissy for such a long time, you kind of know this that you can never be a man. The best part, you should never eve. Try this. 

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#359 When he wants to have…..

When you are completely ready to make some real sissy love yo him but he wants to click pictures for his sissy blog. 

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#360 Dress up every single….

Just dress up like a real girl all the time. This will make you feel special and girly. 

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