January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#371 Hairless, smooth…

That is how a sissy should wear her chastity cage. There is no reason that a sissy should not be smooth down there. She should always be smooth down there 

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#372 When pink is the theme….

When you organise a party with pink theme and all the guest go back to house and then she says she has something special for you. That's when she shows you what pink she got for you. Everything is pink, including her sissy hole.

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#373 Who doesn't want….

Tumblr is funny, it will ask you things you can never refuse. It's impossible for anyone to refuse being a slave with leashes.

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#374 When your wife sends….

When you are tensed for the extra office work but your wife knows how to handle all that. She sends you a nice pic of her ass but strapon is the thing that attracts you. She knows how to cheer you up. Doesn't she?

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#375 She is addicted to lingerie….

This is one modern world problem where millions of slaves are attracted to wearing lingeries.

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