January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#376 When it's Sunday and you …..

So you call your secratary for some work on Sunday and she comes for you. You dress up and let her finish all your work. She knows your truth and you enjoy being girly for her. Perfect boss-secretary relation.

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#377 Close the lock and we can….

I support such woman who have to courage to accept the locked sissy as a person whom they can talk to. 

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#378 You secretly wish…

You have a secret wish that when you are teaching in a class and you scold the naughty boys, you want them to grab you and make you their slut after the class like this. Don't you sisssy?

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#380 It all starts….

For some reasons, this is how it starts with all of you. For some people it was mother's clothes, for some it was sister's clothes. 

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