January 2021 Sissy blockbuster mega post

#381 The net and the cock…

When the world develops itself for some real stuff in the time to come, I wish these stories could be told to young generation.

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#382 Random Sunday fun….

It's during your sunday times with your gals. You gals suck till you forget the count and the owners of your sissy hangout place are happy because men keep coming for your slutty mouths. 

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#383 She knows that …..

She is your girlfriends sister and during a random talk in the park she said she knows your secret. She wants to know whether you wear her panties too?

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#384 It started as a panty fetish…

It all started as a little panty fetish and boom, soon after your are sucking a black cock in a car roadside.

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#385 If you love panties…

Wearing panties is different and pointing it to the others by bending is different. You like both. Don't you?

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