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Lock it up honey…. You don’t need it anyway!

Note : Always practice safe sex. Dont trust anything and everything you see on the internet. People lie here all the time. You are responsible for your health. Be careful in the cruising and meetups.

Locktober reminds of sissies like you. The sissies that wants to be locked in a chastity cage and have their dicks locked for life. Why a sissy locks their penis? Because, its easier for them that way.

Sissies lock their dicks all the time and by the time they realise, they dont have a dick, its dicklet. Dicks are big, dicklets are small and pathetic, and you know what you are.

The other day I heard a mistress telling her slave that he should lock his cock in the chastity cage forever, because he doesnt need it any way. That point I thought over it and i came to a conclusion that says, yes a sissy doesnt need to have his penis open or free. All the sissies should have their dicklets locked in the chastity cages.

Now, when a sissy is locked in the chastity cage, what do they think about? Nothing, they dont have to think about anything. All the decisions are to be made by people who are dominant enough and not a sissy. In fact a sissy should not be allowed to make decisions for anyone, because you know sissies are sissies and sissies are more or less only meant to be treated like a slut.

Now, when I say chastity cage, what do you get the idea that should be done? The chastity cages are a new thing and almost all the sissy slaves need to have one now. Some of my slaves didnt have chastity cage, but I made them buy one because, you know, its like a license plate for a sissy. When a sissy drops down her panties , the chastity cage shows how serious of a sissy you are. So, if you dont have a chastity cage, you should buy one immediately. Its gonna help you a lot in your sissy life.


Note : Practice Safe sex. Deal with random hookups carefully!

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