Locktober teaches you a lot

Note: Always Practice Safe Sex. Dont trust everything you see on internet. Safety Should be number one priority.

Whenever the September is about to finish, the thing that makes October more exciting is the Locktober. Yes, you heard it right. Locktober is the month where all the sissies are supposed to be locked in a chastity cage for about a month.

Why to lock men in chastity cage? Men now a days are now going out of hands and they have to brought back to the concept of being obedient. Not all man are doing it right. How do you do that right? By locking their manhood in a steel or plastic chastity cage.

Chastity is not a new concept and has been here since ages, but whats new is the way woman are now becoming more and more dominant. I sometimes feel threatened with the aura these dominant woman have. I am not kidding, even a dom like me would kneel down in front of a dominant woman if she knows the tricks properly.

Locktober, is celebrated all over the world and the way it is taking over the normal male who was happy with dominating his woman, is now exciting and frightening at the same time.

Being a dom myself, I believe the obedience should be followed, and if males have disappointed females over all these years, it should be taught. Next thing, I know about males is that the men now a days are not worth being submissive to . So , its kind of correct at all levels to bow down to women and get locked in chastity.

Of course, doms like me wont get locked and its sissies like you who are supposed to be locked. Happy locktober everybody!

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