Making my slave miss me during Coronavirus Lockdown!

So the whole world is in quarantine and people are out of options about what to do and how to do. So , as I have already told you that I have many slaves from all over the world and some of them are really loyal to me.

When i say I have slaves, I simply mean they are not my 24X7 slaves , they take my sessions and I am more than happy with many of them. One such slave is Ananya and she is from India only. She is now in New Zealand and as this is a fact that many Indians are living in New Zealand .

So, this is all about how my slave Ananya is passing her time while in lockdown during the quarantine. First of all, I would like to tell you about the Sissy Ananya, who happens to be from Northern Part of India and became my pet back in 2018.

She was working here in my city as a teacher and met me through internet. We started chatting and she actually started giving me money to own her. Which was like good, but one day she became my real slave for a long time. It was winter and I was alone visiting another city for business purpose. I asked her casually that if she was interested in accompanying me. Only requirement was she has to pack only female clothes.

She readily accepted it, as she was living alone and it was a weekend for both of us. I picked her up from the PG and we straight hit the road.

It was an overnight journey and my driver was driving the car. I asked her , “what about the requirement? ” , she nodded in yes.

On the upper side she was wearing the regular male clothes, but on the backside seat she showed me she was all dressed as my sissy slave. I was kinda full of hopes for the weekend.

We reached the hotel and checked in. Just as we entered the room, as per my instructions, she straight went to the bathroom with her bag and came out as my slave. The best part is, the moment she came out, I put her dog collar in her neck.

So, it was all, she became my slave for the next two days. I was required to go out of the room for 3 hours to attend a seminar and thats all. Other than that she will be my slave. This was the first time she was serving me as my sissy slave for two straight days.

Before meeting her i made it clear that I dont want a single strand of hair on her feminine body, she will be dressed as a female all the time, she will wear a chastity cage for all two days and at the end, if she gets lucky, we can do some Master Slave fuck stuff. She accepted to all the conditions .

The room was big, and had a bathtub in the bathroom. When I headed to the bathroom, i asked her to strip naked and dress in the red bikini kept aside in the bathroom. She did the same and she was not allowed in the bathtub, but was tied to the WC for the time I took the bath.

Night went by , she followed all my instructions like a good sissy she was and at the end, I did make her suck my cock .

We did some other sessions too, but that in some other story.

So, that brings us to the present time, where she was getting bored in the lockdown and stay at home for the coronavirus guidelines.

I made her do the sissy slave session over the Skype and here are the pics she sent me from that day!

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