Meet your new master, Master Sid!

Well, Hello there!

Its me, Your new master here! I am sid, from India. I am the new owner of this site and be sure that this site is gonna be your university for your sissy life from now. 

This site was not founded by me, but the owner of this site came to me during one session and as tribute, he has given the full ownership of this website. Of course I am not a ruthless person, so I did pay him as per the market rate for this website and now, the result is, I own this place. 

So, to be clear that I will be the owner of this blog, or say your rule book, I  would like to clarify somethings about my way of ruling and owning the sissies. 

I dont like liars, and I do not own people who promise when they are horny .  I am a real deal and I want real slaves . I have no issues in girls becoming my slave as well, because you know girls can be slaves too, but the point is, girls have limitations. However, I have found that girls do make a real deal when it is about being a slave. 

Majority of my clients are males, or as they want themselves to be called, as My pets. 

I am into financial domination with my better half , who can be your owner too if she likes you. So, be cool to become my slave and you will have a blessed life.

What do you think?

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