Mistress planning a humiliating wedding for her sissy!

So, the time has finally come, I finally get to plan your wedding. You have proved to me that you are a true sissy. and this is the time for you to get married off to another man for the rest of your fucking sissy life. I am going to enjoy every single aspect of planning your wedding, sissy! 

Every single detail, down to the fact that I am gonna put a big Cock on your fucking wedding cake , sissy! And guess what, you are gonna have to eat that piece of the cake first. Well, thats just one of my ideas anyway, I bed that you would love to hear the rest of my ideas for your wedding.  

 Weddings are supposed to be special , so most of your wedding would be kept as a surprise for you to humiliate you on the day of your wedding.  I cant f****** great to see your face when you are being ridiculed. I am going to plan every single thing of your sissy wedding. And I am gonna make sure that you are ridiculed to the highest level possible for you my sissy slut.  You wanted this for your wedding , Right SIssy?

I will make sure that every single thing present in your wedding screams sissy!  Every single thing will make you feel the humiliation I have always wanted for my sissy slave. 

it screams a big gay sissy boy because that’s what you are. And that is what I am gonna make you. I am gonna make you marry a man. I am even gonna write your vows for you . So you only say exactly what I tell you to say.

And then I’m gonna be there as one of your guests and I will be laughing at you with my friends making fun of you for being such a pathetic sissy slut.  I mean you are walking down the aisle as a women to marry a man, aren’t you ashamed of yourself for being a man ?

Guess what it was all done by me. And I’m gonna know exactly what your thinking is well. You are dreading, dreading walking the aisle with the collar I specially made for you. You are walking down the aisle knowing completely that for the rest of your life you will be with a man who will treat you as a wife. I don’t mean by pampering I mean by f******. Your whole life and your soul is just about to be signed over to someone else, to someone who is masculine and has a cock. He is going to abuse you and fuck you in your ass.

No more pussy for you, you are soon to be married. You are soon to be married as a sissy  to a real man. A married person has to be faithful. You cannot fool around after your marriage. You are gonna have to obey the cock and make sure that he stays happy for as long as you can possibly make.

You will be led down the aisle and everybody is gonna laugh at you in that sissy dress and sissy heals, you know a sissy bitch. 

I know how much of a bitch I am for doing this to you. I have literally picked out the perfect things for you to wear. Be amazed at how pretty your wedding gown is. How cute are you gonna lock in this dress on your knees at the wedding. Adorable !

I can see you in it now. Look at that criss-cross lacy back exposing your feminine back of yours. to your husband to be. I bet he will catch a glimpse of your skin through to this Criss cross back. True this lace he will have a look at your smooth body and he is going to want to rip off the fucking dress off you and I bet within minutes of you being in that honeymoon suite , this dress will make its way to the floor and you will be bent over and butt naked.

I have also a little size gap because I want you to dress up kinky for him . I want you to put on a bra , put your white bra, and your skirt, and I want you to dance for him. I want you to wiggle your hips for your new husbands. Dance for him while you are wearing your white frilly skirt like a cute little bride. , the blushing bride. Thats what you are. You are his blushing bride and he cant wait to take you back to the honeymoon suite and take full advantage of you on that bed. 

I bet you are thinking right now about all the things he is gonna do to you.  I bet on the wedding day , sex is twice as hard and twice as good . I bet he is not gonna leave any stone unturned when it comes to him fucking you on your wedding night. 

As soon as you are married and he gets you into that bedroom and he carries you over that freshood, he is gonna chug you straight on to that bed in your cute white linger and he is going to rip it all off you and fucking ruin that sissy ass of yours and there is nothing you could do about that. NOTHING!

You will be moaning and groaning and he will be fucking you harder and harder and harder, because i asked him to do that. And also, you are married now, so everything is allowed. You can not get out of this arrangement. This is you for the rest of your fucking life, so you better start to getting used to this hard and rough fucking. Its better you start to enjoy that cock. 

I literally can not wait to see you in this wedding dress, Dancing around the room, on your knees, ready to please.  I bet your husband would be is so excited for you right now. I bet your future husband is getting a hard cock just thinking about his new sissy wife. Whereas on the other side, you are getting scared. Arent you? You are feeling a little bit worried and apprehensive you dont know how this is gonna go and you want him to be gentle with you, dont you? But rest assured he is not gonna be gentle with you, because I have already told him to fuck you really really hard.  He is gonna make it readlly really hard, so you can thank me for that later. 

Your poor girly voice is gonna start to tremble, as you are repeating your emasculating vows, signing your life away and promising him a blow job every single day of his life. 

Trust me, I have made it, I have set it up so that you are not only gonna have the best wedding day but the most humiliating wedding day. But so you are gonna wake up the next day of wedding, feeling like a helpless , worthless, abused piece of sissy ass. Laying on that bed, feeling like a humiliated little sissy bitch. You will come to realization that your life is finally ruined , its fucked. and there is nothing you can do about it. You have now signed your soul away to a real man, who is happy to abuse you again and again and again and again with his big hard cock. And I know I keep going over and over it, but I am actually getting some enjoyment from your face right now. You look quite upset, you look quite worried about your future, and there is nothing worse than worrying about your future and where you are going to be in it, a year from now. 

Well, I can see you sleeping in a little cage, and being used whenever your husband needs a nice hard fuck. you have lost any hope of ever sleeping with a woman or feeling a pussy around that sissy cock of yours. for the rest of your life. Its all gone now, no hope for you now, you pussy for you. You are destined to a life full of humiliation hard cock , degradation .You probably are gonna cry yourself to sleep every night. Aren’t you? Knowing that this is not what you wanted, this is what i wanted for you !

And I got my way to do things for sissies like you. I always get my way with  sissies like you. I have been planning this wedding for months now. Down to the little bows on your sissy underwear, every single thing I have planned. 

I am gonna make you say those vows, those really humiliating vows, where you told your husband that you would be his bitch for the rest of his life. and that you would bend over and take it in the ass, whenever he wanted to give it to you.

Only I could write that kind of sissy vows for your marriage and only someone like you would have say it for me. I have got you wrapped around my little finger. Wrapped so nicely that you just married to a real man, you got on your knees, and with a collar and a lead, you marched your way, to your own sissy slutty destiny. 

I wonder how you are gonna feel in the morning when you wake and realize that you have literally got a whole lifetime of this to look forward to now, and I am gonna be there, watching and waiting just like I was at the wedding, standing at the back while you signed your life away to that guy, Good Luck In your future! 

BONUS : Your wedding night gangbang is going to be the highlight of your wedding tape sissy, so its better you put a great show and make sure you please all your husbands friends!


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