New Sissy Tasks to follow in COVID-19 times

Covid-19 was very hard and I feel an urge to pay my tributes to the people who could not survive during these hard days.

But as they say, life moves on and I wish we conquer these troubles and make a grand come back as humans and make this world a better place to live. 

So coming back to the business, I have single step solution to all my troubles. I want my people to understand that we are mortal and we have a limited time on the planet earth. We should make calculated decisions and , NEVER POSTPONE JOY!

What is a joy for a sissy? A sissy wants to be given a great chance to be humiliated and one thing that makes humiliation successful is , to give some tasks to a sissy.

During my journey as a Sissy Master for last so many years on the internet, I have found the concept of sissy tasks as the most simple yet powerful concept. 

A sissy is happy when you give them some tasks and they wont ask you much questions as long as they are doing the task. 

When a sissy is doing a task, she is just enjoying her life as a sissy and this is our, the Dom community’s responsibility to let a sissy live her life the way she wants. Here are some tasks I have collected for my viewers and let me know what do you think about them. 

What do you think?

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