Protect your virginity for your master sissy!

What is the role of virginity in a girl’s life? Right from the birth , a girl is taught to behave properly ans save her virginity for someone special. 

A girl spends most of her life saving her virginity and for what? To give it to someone special and make the time memorable.

Same should happen with sissies. Sissies are not different than girls and they should be inspired to maintain their virginity for a real man . I am sure that real man like taking tight virgin asses .

Why do girls are taught to protect their virginity? There is a reason why all the girls are so peculiar about their virginity. The reason is the virginity and the sanctity of a girl is considered when no one else has done her down there.

Same goes with a sissy, the sissies are really pure and pious until and unless someone does them for the first time. When some real man takes a sissy in her virgin ass for the first time, he makes the sissy available to other men . Anyone else after that is allowed to take that sissy anytime and anywhere.

But the virginity of a sissy should be saved until the sissy finds a real man who is fit to fuck her for the first time. I am all for the sissies who saved their virginity for some real man and shared it with all others when the virginity was taken away.


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